Angie Guthrie-Ponton, LUTCF, AFIS, Agent

Angie Guthrie-Ponton

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Craig County Farm Bureau

Angela Guthrie-Ponton

Work: 540-864-6428
Cell: 540-309-2434
Fax: 540-864-7081

Office Address:
254 Salem Ave
New Castle, Virginia 24127

Mailing Address:
254 Salem Ave
New Castle, Virginia 24127

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Angie has been with Farm Bureau® since 2004.  She resides on her family farm in Craig with her husband, Ron and one child Hunter.  Angie graduated from Radford University in 2003 with a BS in Information Technology.

Outside of work Angie is the chair of the Craig County Young Farmer’s Committee which sponsors each year the Farm Expo and Crafter’s Fair in the county. She also serves on the Craig County Fairground Association where she holds the office of Secretary.

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How to Prep for a Road Trip in 8 Steps

Updated: July 28, 2014

The Great American Road Trip is what you make of it, whether it be three days or three weeks. Of course, we all prefer to make the most of the good times rather than the hiccups. Here are some road trip tips to keep you rolling along!

  1. A good road trip starts at your mechanic’s shop. Get the car checked out by a trusted source to preempt any serious issues and top off fluids. Make sure the spare tire is serviceable in case of emergency.
  2. Make sure your insurance coverage is sufficient. Your local Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance agent can make sure your coverage is up to date and just what you need.
  3. Get the app. You can find mobile device apps for the closest mechanic, best gas prices, traffic, and more that can answer questions in advance. 
  4. Join a roadside assistance service— you never know where your tire will find a nail.
  5. Pack a real map. This is both for the fun of tracing your route and because you’ll inevitably hit spots where your GPS isn’t accurate or cell phone signal fails. 
  6. Give your car a break now and then. Check your tire pressure every day, and remember that your car works harder going over big mountains. Watch your gauges for any trouble signs.
  7. Inform someone of your itinerary, even when it changes.
  8. Stay safe in the driver’s seat. Build in lots of rest steps and avoid driving so long that your eyes glaze over. After all, half the fun is stopping to see the World’s Largest Artichoke!

Best wishes from all of us at Virginia Farm Bureau—we hope your summer road trip is the perfect combination of good planning and good surprises.